Hello & Welcome

At Tram Road Fruit farm, our aim is to give you the opportunity to purchase delicious fresh fruit from our traditional family orchard. Located 15 km up Tram Road in Swannanoa, we are an easy drive from Christchurch.

New and Updates

2020 Season Update

Hello to a new season, we are busy frost fighting at night to protect, what at this stage looks like a very promising season within the plum and peacharine part of the orchard. Our first cherries are already blossoming [this is about two weeks earlier than usual] and we are looking forward to a great season picking is expected to start early December but we will post updates as the season proceeds looking forward to seeing you then.

You can buy directly from our Fruit Stall on Tram Road, or Pick your own (PYO) from our orchard. During Summer, you can find us at the Ohoka Farmers Market.

We specialise in red fruits; cherries, strawberries, plums, and raspberries, including some heritage varieties. All of our fruit is sun-ripened so it tastes like fruit should taste.

We are located at 1520 Tram Road in Swannanoa. Click to get driving instructions from Christchurch and North Canterbury on our directions page.